KIDDIES OXFORD was founded with the deep enrooted belief that – ‘a child’s own instincts, activities and interests should be the starting point of education’. Being aware of each child’s inert instinct, interest and needs KIDDIES OXFORD focuses on the learner centric pedagogy based on their individual needs in terms of physical, emotional and intellectual growth. KIDDIES OXFORD also believes in providing a safe learning environment and educating the kids to live in an abuse free environment through I-Safe program which is an intrinsic part of the curriculum.

KIDDIES OXFORD has thus incorporated best practices from several early childhood philosophies in crafting its curriculum drawing especially from Froebel’s kindergarten approach, pragmatic approach by Dewey and developmentally appropriate models in devising comprehensive solution.

The curriculum emphasises the key areas of development in the child through 5-Fold Approach along with Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.


KIDDIES OXFORD focuses on the holistic development of a child through 5 Fold Approach.

  • Development of senso- motor skills emphasises on the gross motor development, fine motor development, sensory development.
  • Creativity development is emphasised through music, role play sessions and visual art.
  • Personality development is emphasised through problem solving aptitude, decision making skills andsocial skills.
  • Cognitive development is emphasised through development of numeracy skills and reasoning aptitude.
  • Language development is emphasised through vocabulary development, expression, phonology and ability to read.

The 5 Fold Approach of KO

Learning through play is the spirit of childhood and at KIDDIES OXFORD a child learns by touching, handling and controlling things. It is through play that ‘curiosity’ is invoked in a child which helps him to analyse a situation, derive logical conclusion, and build his problem solving aptitude. Fun science experiments, projects, field trips, role play sessions play an important role in understanding the concepts and making education relevant and fun.