Who We Are

KIDDIES OXFORD is an ISO 9001- 2015 certified preschool with 35 years of collective experience in preschool education. KIDDIES OXFORD focuses on learner centric pedagogy to develop each child on the basis of their own instinct, activities & interests which is the starting point of learning. It is one of the finest preschool in India with a difference. The curriculum is strategically designed with the learner at the centre and focuses to educate each child to be successful through exceptional learning experience. KIDDIES OXFORD provides a safe learning environment while working in integrity with the parents as partners in child development and teachers as facilitators to invoke the curiosity in each child.

Parents choose KIDDIES OXFORD as it’s a home away from home for their little ones where they are nurtured with love and care. We are committed towards providing quality child education, through innovative teaching practices and the right guidance wherein; in the journey of their life, they are taught to work in harmony and treat everyone with equality and sensitivity thus imparting the value of love, care and respect.

Management Executive

Sangita Sen Das (CLO – Kiddies Oxford)

A unique mix of an educationist, mentor and organisational visionary with strong business acumen;

Sangita Sen Das has successfully co created the brand Kiddies Oxford. Sangita brings along with her rich experience as an administrator, working in the preschool segment with reputed brands.

Currently working as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of the brand Kiddies Oxford (KO) Preschool, Sangita has strategically designed and developed the curriculum by giving a new dimension to the teaching techniques that invoke curiosity and enrich the pre-schoolers with lifelong learning experiences. She has the inherent talent of rousing passion for learning amongst kids with a focussed and fun teaching approach. The effectiveness of the KO program has been widely commended by the parents seeing their child’s progress. This highly effective program has strengthened the brand image of Kiddies Oxford.

Sangita leads KO long and short-term strategy for franchise development. She has built the capable team of facilitators who are instrumental in making the KO Mission – “To nurture independent thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens” a reality.